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PCB size: 50 x 30mm (L x W)
Operating voltage: 1.5V-9V
Current: 3.3MA-29MA
Operating frequency: FM band 85-115MHZ
Receiving equipment: FM radio / mobile phone with FM radio function, etc.
Audio Response: 20HZ-15KHZ
RF power: -2dbm to 15dbm
RF output impedance: 20ohm
Second Harmonic: ≥-40db
Transmission distance: 100M-1000M

Resistance 330ohmR71
Resistance 1MR31
Resistance 100ohmR81
Resistance 10KR4, R52
Resistance 4.7KR1, R22
Resistance 47KR6, R92
Ceramic capacitor 102C3, C42
Ceramic capacitor 15PC10, C142
Ceramic capacitor 47PC15, C162
Ceramic capacitor 30PC11, C122
Ceramic capacitor 104C1, C2, C5, C6, C75
Ceramic capacitor 201PC131
Ceramic capacitor 24PC91
4T Hollow coilL11
9T Hollow coilL21
8T Hollow coilL31
5-pin audio seatJ11
Ceramic adjustable capacitorC81
Adjustable resistance
Power seat
Triode 9014Q11
Triode 9018Q2, Q32

Package includes:

1 x FM Wireless Microphone Kit

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